Solve you last minute gift problem buy Dad a gift from the new 'Grown Up" Lynx, male grooming range of premium grooming products, including a category-defining Daily Fragrance that is set to democratise fine fragrances., affordable and widely available

The range includes three product collections; Signature, Urban and Adrenaline, each of which contain new hairstyling and anti-perspirant products alongside the unique Daily Fragrances. Each collection represents a distinctive characteristic to allow men to achieve different scents, looks and finishes; Signature for a sophisticated and refined look, Urban for an expressive edge and Adrenaline for a burst of freshness and energy.

The range is hitting stores now as Lynx readies a radical and progressive new campaign - Find Your Magic - that is set to completely revamp and reposition the iconic brand. 'Find Your Magic' celebrates male individuality and calls on men to fight the labels that prevent them from expressing themselves.

The new Lynx range will give men the tools to express and work their own unique, individual style and has been created by the best in the business using precious ingredients and innovative technologies. To create its new Daily Fragrances, Lynx partnered with one of the world's leading fragrance designers - Ann Gottlieb - and two fragrance houses that are collectively responsible for creating iconic fragrances for fine fragrance brands including Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein. The new Lynx Daily Fragrance range includes:


Signature: made with precious Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla, this is a subtle, woody fragrance, providing a smooth and refined style that gives a memorable touch.

Urban: made with rich Tobacco and Amber, this is a smoky and sweet fragrance that makes a bold statement and enables you to express your style, with a unique edge.

Adrenaline: made with Iced Musk and Ginger, this sharp, icy-fresh fragrance will kick start an adrenaline-fuelled day and refresh your style. Instantly.

The Daily Fragrances are a first for the grooming category and are set to bring fine fragrances to every man thanks to their affordability and accessibility. With no gas, they deliver a finer, more precise and subtle scent that is also long-lasting.

The range also includes a brand new hairstyling line-up that is designed to cater to every man's grooming needs with different hold levels and finishes to suit all hair lengths and textures. The extensive range helps create multiple looks including:

Lynx Hair

Signature: a definition wax to create an immaculate clean-cut look

Urban: a matt gel and flexible paste to achieve a messy look with boosted texture

Adrenaline: a super hold cream gel for a spiked up style and structure

The hair range is supplemented with two additional products - a flexible control cream and styling clay - to create natural looks.

The final part of the new range is three new anti-perspirants, available as spray or roll on, that each use innovative technologies to deliver unique and powerful benefits that keep any guy's style fresh and protected.

Signature: anti-marks protection against white marks and yellow stains to keep underarms and shirts feeling clean and fresh for longer, and protect your style, immaculately.

Urban: advanced technology with anti-bacterial protection against odour and sweat. Odour protected style, enabling you to roam the concrete jungle, effortlessly.

Adrenaline: charged up protection with micro active capsules that release continual bursts of freshness throughout the day. Refreshing your style, repeatedly.

Check out Lynx have created a whole range of online tutorials. With new and relevant online grooming content, these features real men who each have their own unique personal style. The film series aims to answer the grooming questions guys ask online and show them how to achieve different individual looks with style and confidence. 

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