Phil Oakey

Phil Oakey

Phil Oakey thinks it is harder to be fashionable now he's bald.

The Human League singer adored his "distinctive" asymmetrical haircut in the 1980s, but these days he doesn't experiment as much as he used to with his appearance because he doesn't think it's the same without his luscious locks.

He told Q magazine: "I was looking for something to do with my hair when I saw this girl on a bus who was a hair model and I asked her where she got hers cut.

"This was before I was in a group but all the people I liked had distinctive haircuts, David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Rod Stewart...

"Did my hair cause me to walk into things? Yeah but hurting for fashion is how it should be.

"I miss hair. It's hard to do things without hair if you're interested in fashion.

"I wear a bit of make-up now but make-up without hair is weird."

The 'Don't You Want Me' hitmaker admitted he had some outlandish ideas for what he should wear on stage, but didn't pull them off.

He said: "I remember sitting one day with Martin Ware in a Wimpy and he said, 'One thing I will always give you Philip is you always look messy.' I was wearing things with ribbons on them. I was pretty unisex.

"One of the first plans for The Human League was I would be on stage naked in body paint on a large branch like (German artist) Veruschka. Did it ever happen? No, and then I got fat."

The 61-year-old singer has three nipple piercings.

He said: "They're still pierced in three places, although one fell out the other day. I think I did have a chain [attaching them to each other] at some stage."