Mickey Mouse takes over the Fashion World

Mickey Mouse takes over the Fashion World

On the 18th of November 1928 Mickey Mouse appeared into our lives in 'Steamboat Willie' the first cartoon to air with syncronised sound. Since then he has become an international icon of fun an hope for both children and adults. Today is his birthday and to celebrate we have compiled some fashion collaborations with Mickey Mouse that are coming soon. Mickey Mouse has been latched on to by many fashion empires, here is a selection of some beautiful collections that feature the iconic character:


The Rodnik Band have teamed up with Disney to create the 'GUESS WHO' collection featuring Mickey Mouse as you have never seen him before. Known for thier bold POP style The Rodnik Band have created a collection that features the fun and bright attitude we associate with Mickey.

"Mickey Mouse is the ultimate playful, pop culture icon - his silhouette instantly recognisable - and as an artist I was very excited to creatively engage with his image. I wanted to play with people's perceptions, by hiding Mickey Mouse behind my pop icons and create a humorous creative dialogue between us, entertaining the viewer and making them think twice. Said THE RODNIK BAND founder Philip Colbert.

The collection will launch worldwide in spring next year.


Their biggest collaberation project to date Lazy Oaf have created some great Disney inspired peices with their own original twist. Featuring other Disney characters other than Mickey Mouse, split into four characters it features Cinderella, Marie from the Aristocats, 101 Dalmations and finally Mickey Mouse. A nod to the Mouseketeers and Americana, it celebrates the original leader of the club, M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! Think knitted college cardigans, slogan tees and oversized denim shirt-dresses. Highlights include a black varsity jacket with chenille patch embroidery.

This Collection is available online and in-store!


Cath Kidston has firmly become a favourite in the fashion community so who better than to feature Mickey Mouse than them. Their range includes the classic prints featuring both Mickey and Minnie, including the classic spot pattern with a twist. Patterns featured also are Mickey goes to London and Mickey hearts Minnie. These are adorable prints and great for presents this christmas for any Disney fan. The collection includes women's fashion and accessories as well as designs for home and kids.

Since his debut in 1928, Mickey Mouse has influenced fashion and popular culture with his adventurous personality and timeless appeal. Over the past few years, Mickey Mouse has put his iconic stamp on various successful collaborations inspiring great designers from the fashion, interior design and art worlds. #HappyBirthdayMickey

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