Prince’s music could be making its way to new streaming services after former exclusivity to Tidal, it’s being reported by Bloomberg.



The news outlet suggests that representatives for the late music icon are now “closing in” on deals with major streaming platforms ahead of this year’s Grammy Awards on February 12.

A tribute is expected to take place for Prince at the show, so if plans can be cemented before the Grammys take place, the event can be used as a great promotional platform for the singer’s back catalogue of hits.

It was also recently revealed that Prince was in talks with TV streaming service Netflix about a new reality show to be set at Paisley Park where he lived.

Speaking to GQ, photographer Maya Washington explained: “He was supposed to do something with Netflix, a reality show on Paisley Park. He [asks me]: ‘Why don’t you help me?’ I’m, ‘I’d love to, but you’d have to be in it.’ And he’s, ‘No, no, no, I’m not in it.’ I’m ‘Why not? You’re so funny – why don’t you want anyone to see your sense of humour?’ And he would shut it down: ‘Maya, I can’t be funny. I have to save the world.’”

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