Who is your partner sharing coffee with this Halloween?

Who is your partner sharing coffee with this Halloween?

It's sad but true that women and men are adorning themselves in sexy costumes this year to attract the attention of the opposite sex- not their partners.

Both dating sites IllicitEncounters.com and AshleyMadison.com agree that there are some sure fire signs your partner is on the hunt for an extra martial affair this Halloween. Dressing provocatively to get the pulses racing of those men around them is the avenue women go down, as many women feel much more comfortable in sexy outfits once they join a dating site. Whereas men opt for an 'attractive movie star' to enhance their natural good looks, rather than hiding behind a traditional mask. Anything from Top Gun heartthrob Tom Cruise to any superhero- men are showing up to fumble rather than fright.

Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com, Mike Taylor commented: "Halloween is an opportunity to dress up in an outrageously sexy manner without feeling exposed. Anything from PVC cat suits to a naughty nurse outfit is acceptable over Halloween, and for ladies this means they can show their overtly sexual side, without being questioned by their spouses. As much as they may long to whip out the suspenders and PVC on a regular Friday night, their husbands would surely question their motivation, whereas their lovers would relish the show. Halloween allows a little bit of freedom and the chance to be more daring and liberated."

It seems that 2016 is headed to be the most risqué yet- as more women feel comfortable dressing in skimpy outfits than in previous years. They claim this is result of joining an extra martial dating site, because it has given them more confidence, they feel more attractive and they are more forward when it comes to making a move on a new man, even if they already have one sitting a home.

Among the most successful pulling costumes, women want a fireman, policeman, superhero, astronaut, Christian Grey, a cowboy, spy or a fighter pilot. Men on the other hand crave catwomen, cheerleaders, action heroes, sexy librarians and naughty school girls above all else.

Sadly the classic ghost, skeleton and zombie have lost all their appeal if you are looking for lust.

So why is Halloween different from any other time of year? Half of men and women feel less guilty cheating on All Hallow's Eve than any other day of the year. Perhaps it has something to do with an alter ego- if your character is cheating then maybe it doesn't feel like you are and that makes you exempt from guilt or blame. Over a third make an excuse not to be out with their spouse on Halloween so they have the freedom to have an affair. With 60% willing to cheat with someone in a costume, single sex outings means you have a good chance of making that desire come true. The attraction lies in those attributes that are the opposite to their spouse.

"Halloween is the one time of the year when people let their guard down to impersonate characters or act out fantasies they would otherwise keep hidden," says Christoph Kraemer, Country Manager AshleyMadison.com UK. "It's interesting to see that for men, perhaps in part because of the notable Ebola epidemic, the sexy nurse costume has dropped to the fifth position, while women are lusting over men dressed as the character Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey. The big data behind infidelity never ceases to amaze even us."

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