Tracey Cox

Tracey Cox

Global music streaming service Deezer has teamed up with international sex expert, Tracey Cox to find out the nation's bedroom turn ons and turn offs, with music taking the top spot. We caught up with Tracey to ask her about the effect music has on sexual confidence and why certain songs hit the spot while others are top of the flops.

To what extent do you believe that music has an effect on sex?

55 per cent of Brits surveyed by global music streaming service Deezer said music made sex better.

Music has a profound effect on sex in many different ways. First up, our brains flood with dopamine, the pleasure hormone, when we listen to music. The same thing happens when we have sex. So it effectively puts our bodies in the mood. Music is a strong memory enhancer, so can remind us of past great sexual encounters, putting us in the mood for sex in the present.

How can it make people feel less awkward between the sheets?

It provides another focus - and masks those embarrassing squelchy sex noises! Plus it helps keep you in the mood.

The right track can keep things running hot in the bedroom but be careful - the wrong track can - and does - put people off. One experiment showed men who were played 'happy' music then shown a sexy video were more easily and quickly aroused than those who were played 'sad' tunes. So there's scientific proof that music is highly influential in affecting our mood during sex. Certain tracks are mood enhancers, others can do quite the opposite.

Deezer Flow, which combines users favourite songs with new recommendations to create the perfect personalized sound track, means you can both relax and be in the moment, rather than worrying about what track is coming next, to create the perfect bedroom flow.

Can it make someone generally better in the sack?

Nineteen per cent said it makes them more aroused, 17 per cent said it makes things less awkward and 16 per cent said it simply makes sex better.

A quarter of men (18 per cent) claimed music made sex last longer but only nine per cent of the women agreed!

But confidence is the most important thing to take to bed and if certain tracks make you feel good, of course you're going to be better in bed.

Can music help with people's rhythm as they are having sex?

Almost half of the people surveyed said rhythm was the key reason why music made sex better.

What is your advice for couples what want to start and introduce music into their bedroom antics?

It's a great idea to use music to boost desire. US medics advise men with low testosterone, the libido boosting hormone, to listen to music. Sex therapists often recommend couples in long-term relationships who've lost the spark listen to music they enjoyed when they first got together to reignite the memory of desire. Make sure to match the music to the mood of the session. And only put on tracks both of you like.

Why do you think music has taken over the traditional aphrodisiacs like wine and chocolate?

I think music is just as good at making people loosen up, relax and lose inhibitions. It's a powerful, potent aphrodisiac and I'm not surprised so many Brits find it improves their sexual experiences.

What do all the popular tracks like Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get it On', Rihanna's 'Skin' and Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop' all have in common to get people in the mood?

Well, the lyrics are pretty suggestive in all of them. And they all share the same slow, sexy beat.

Why do you think music is particularly effective on Saturday nights?

Sadly, we are creatures of habit and routine and most couples have sex on Saturday nights between 10pm and midnight. Streaming of 'Let's Get It On' rose by 96 per cent on Saturdays compared to later on in the week.

Why do you think artists like Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Eminem don't work as well as background noise?

Bass is sexier. So Justin's higher pitched voice and pop lyrics wouldn't do it. Neuroscientists say virtually all people respond more to the beat when it's played by lower pitched instruments. Physiologically, our bodies love deep bass sounds because our ears find it easier to detect. If it's loud enough, deep bass also produces vibration you 'feel' - and no prizes for guessing why that might remind females of intense orgasms!

Kanye West's lyrics are quite misogynistic so perhaps that puts women off and Eninem style rap got the thumbs down by 35 per cent.

What is next for you?

I'm launching some brand new additions to my product range supersex over the next few months and very excited about those! So stay tuned to or for their launch!

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