Over-eating causes lack of desire for sex

Over-eating causes lack of desire for sex

According to UKMedix.com, many cohabiting couples won't have sex on Christmas Day. Despite being off, relaxed and often with a bit of alcohol to fuel confidence, in theory, this should be the perfect time to have sex with your partner- but the stats show otherwise.

62% of couples didn't have sex on Christmas Day last year and as a result 55% have assumed that the same fate will befall them this year.

There were five main reasons for the lack of post-Christmas lunch coitus so let's take a look.


The main issue is overrating which causes a drop in body confidence. Carbs and sugar make you crash and sluggish which can prevent you from having the energy to do anything other than sit and watch TV. Those extra pounds hanging around your muffin top can also make you feel less attractive than normal in your undies.


Stress levels are high around this time of year, so with the focus on opening presents, making Christmas dinner, keeping the guests happy - sex can sometimes be put on the back burner along with the Brussel sprouts.

Insensitive gifting

If your partner has got it really wrong with your gifts this can be a passion killer. If you think they haven't listened to you, ignored you or simply don't know you well enough to get you a decent present then libido can drop.

32% said that they had deliberately withheld sex to get back at their partner for a lousy present.


Many long terms couples don't have sex all that much anyway, so Christmas simply follows in this pattern.

The fear of being heard

At Christmas, your house can be overrun with guests and people stopping over so having sex next to the bedroom where your family members are sleeping is never good for getting in the mood.

The reassuring thing was, despite the lack of loving over Christmas 77% believe that it will not affect their relationship at all.

Sarah Bailey of UKMedix.com commented on the findings:

"Despite the festive season being one of the happiest times of the year for many, it seems that it doesn't necessarily translate to our love lives. To see that so many couples avoid love making over the Christmas season was quite surprising but understandable when looking at the main reasons given. Overindulgence can leave us all feeling a little flat and a few extra pounds can give body confidence a serious knock- making love making seem like the last thing you want to do. Everything in moderation is key!"

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