Can you guess which department these are from?

Can you guess which department these are from?

Ever taken a look around your office and wondered which of the departments houses the naughtiest workers? has done the hard work for you and reveals all!

The office department "naughty list":

Marketing- Believe themselves to be in the kinkiest role of all- not only do they talk up their company all year long, but themselves too. Many would consider having sex in the workplace and for many this wish comes true with 29% pulling at the Christmas party. This year, 35% are hoping to get lucky in the unisex toilets. And if it does come down to that, just under half will be prepared as 44% will be wearing sexy lingerie- just in case.

Client services- Are always thinking about seducing someone in the office and maybe this Christmas will be their moment to shine.

IT- Yes the quiet and unassuming ones in the office are those who are fantasizing about their co-workers all day long and they are confident that they will be able to turn these fantasies into reality during Christmas 2016. For those who don't get lucky- 1 in 10 will finish at the office party and end up in strip club.

Finance- They often have the label of being boring and sadly that seems to be true- a third say that they will not be kinky at all at the Christmas party and are more likely to worry about blowing the budget they have worked all year to save.

Senior management- Even though they should know better- a quarter of managers have had an episode on the conference table with a co-worker- so watch out for dodgy promotions in the New Year.

Customer services- Play it a little safer as they will go as far as a snog under the mistletoe- in fact over a third have done this with another team member.

Reception/PA/Admin- So many women dress up as a naughty receptionist to tease their partners, but think again before adorning a sexy secretary outfit, for they are not as saucy as you might think. In reality, they just stand in the sidelines and make mental notes of what is going on to gossip about it the next day.

HR- Unfortunately, it doesn't get any better for HR- chances are they will have to dish out the Christmas cards, break up the fights and hold someone's hair back in the toilet who has had a much better night than them- just because they want everyone to get along.

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