Sugar? Iced? It all tells a story!

Sugar? Iced? It all tells a story!

Sugar- You're comfortable with having a sprinkle of adventure when you have sex. You don't mind trying new things but are most at ease when you stick to the tried and tested moves you know are going to get results.

Jam- You like to surprise your partner in the bedroom with new toys, by dressing up or with a new move. You prefer to reveal it when they least expect it and love their reaction once they know what's coming next.

Chocolate- You want it to be perfect every time- you won't settle for a half arsed attempt at sex- you like your partner to give their all and you always put in 100% too. If you're going to bump uglies- you might as well do it well.

Iced- You're turned on by visual stimulation- you like the lights on and to watch everything your partner does to you so you're not into being blindfolded. You love it when they dress up for you and you're partial to watching them pleasure themselves.

Custard- You don't mind a bit of messy sex; it doesn't put you off- in fact you quite enjoy it because you know you've both had a good time.

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