You have love by the bucket full!

You have love by the bucket full!

Fried chicken- You have bucket loads of time, care and attention for your love life and have sex regularly. It's an integral part of your relationship and you're confident it always will be.

Burger and Fries- You're young at heart even when it comes to the bedroom. Unlike other couples who over analyse their sex life when things go wrong you use it as an excuse to have a good laugh, learn from it and carry on.

Pizza- You're lazy lovers, you both like to take turns on the bottom so you can have a rest while the other does all the work. Like a tag team, you have perfected how long each other can take it before you need to swap.

Kebab- You like to play games and one way you do this is to call each other's bodily parts by nicknames for a giggle. You get a kick out of texting rude messages to each other to get you in the mood for what's in store when you get home or to reflect on last night's exertions.

Fish and chips- You're typically British in bed. You're polite and say sorry whenever you miss or don't deliver.

Curry- You're not afraid to try new things to spice up your sex life- whether that's having sex in new places, dressing up for one another, role play or buying sex toys. Neither of you are bashful when it comes to introducing something different into your bedroom antics. When your partner tells you they have bought you a gift it's never flowers or chocolates.

Chow Mein- You like a bit of everything- every sex session you have is worlds apart from the last because you like to keep things fresh and exciting. One sex position is never enough for you in one sitting; you like to try every angle your body will allow.

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