What does it all really mean?

What does it all really mean?

Sticky Toffee Pudding- You're not afraid to use food in the bedroom even if it gets a little messy and sticky- you just hop in the shower together afterwards. You have learned the hard way however that you should avoid caramel or toffee centred chocolate bars around the genital area- it's not worth the aftercare.

Chocolate Fudge Cake- Your addiction to chocolate has reached worrying levels and you try to incorporate it into your sex life as much as possible- with lubricant, massage candles and body paints.

Sorbet- You like gentle sex and prefer to keep things light and romantic because sex is something that connects you and your partner emotionally as well as physically.

Cheesecake- You enjoy mixing sweet with savoury when it comes to the foods you use in sexual play which makes for interesting meal times.

Brownie- You convince those around you that you don't get emotional over sex but you enjoy it when a guy takes his time and 'makes love' to you all the same.

Crumble- You aren't bothered about where you have sex- or how uncomfortable or impractical the setting might be- if the moment takes you would hop on anything just to get your jollies.

Brule- You're into light bondage- like the top of a Brule, you like to be tapped on the bottom with whatever your partner can find to get you in the mood.

Ice cream- You like to experience different sensations in the bedroom especially with toys you can cool down or ice cubes- anything to awaken parts of your body in new and exciting ways.

Apple Pie- You prefer sex in a bed with lots of layers and textures- a well-dressed bed turns you on and you love to get tangled up between the sheets with your lover.

Spotted Dick- You love to have a laugh while having sex- you don't take it too seriously and if something goes wrong- you don't dwell you just giggle about it and move on.

Lemon Meringue Pie- You are whiter than white on the surface but once your man gets you in a horizontal position you're a bit tarty.

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