Ham? You're a lazy lover!

Ham? You're a lazy lover!

Salad- You like to keep things light- sex is not something you take too seriously and enjoy having a laugh when you're lip-locked.

Brie and bacon- You and your partner are so in sync that they melt under your touch- you know exactly what to do and where to see them smile.

Club- You're greedy when you grind- you want it all and aren't content if your sex life doesn't fill you with satisfaction after each session.

Egg- You like to keep your sex life simple but it hits the spot every time and you're quite content with the tried and tested moves because you know they're guaranteed to get you off.

Hummus- You're a little but quirky in the bedroom and prefer to do things differently. You sometimes struggle to find a partner on your wavelength but when you do- the sex goes smoothly to say the least.

Ham- You like to lie there and let your significant other generate a sweat. You feel the most satisfaction when you're on your back with your legs wrapped around your lover and you're not ashamed to admit it.

Cheese and Tomato- During your horizontal hours- you're a little bit cheesy with one another. You're not afraid to be romantic when you're romping and crave carresive coitus.

Fish Finger- Your good with your hands and foreplay is most definitely your forte. Sex isn't always on the cards for you because you can make your partner tremble with nothing but your touch.

Peanut Butter and Jam- You're playful when you pull out your pink parts. You like a giggle when you're giddy between the sheets and you don't believe in putting too much pressure on yourself to be the perfect lover.

Salmon and Cream Cheese- You invest a lot of money in your sex life with new sex toys, luxury lingerie and essentials. It's not something you would consider scrimping on because it's a vital part of your relationship.

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