Matt Rowe Photography

Matt Rowe Photography

Photographer Matt Rowe lets us take a peek into his day while he photographs a couple’s wedding. He takes us though his journey and his thought process to capture every last detail.  

The details that make the look are so important to each bride.


When I first arrive, apart from being disarmingly calm, I will always check in with the bridal party to get a feel for the vibe of the morning and then get started with the details. These little moments reflect the individual nuances of each couple and often carry much meaning. I treat each component with respect – often I won't know until we deliver the images that the bejewelled bracelet came from Nana, or the name on the hanger was what the groom called the bride when they first met in high school.


With so much lead up to looking amazing, of course the bridal portraiture is uber important. With the full meaning of being a photographer, my first response is to find the best light. Sometimes this may lead us to some pokey little corners, but you've trusted me this far – take that leap of faith!


With bridal portraiture I focus on the eyes and aim for a shallow depth of field. What do they say? Windows to the soul and all that. Whatever the cliché is, it is really important to capture the mood on a bride's wedding day and the eyes do have it!


It's really important to give a bride some space. My opinion (from experience) is that the fewer people “seeing” a bride on the morning of her day generally leads to a more relaxed bride (and a greater surprise for all at the ceremony). So, I generally will take bridal portraits with just the bride in the room.


At the start of the ceremony I am locked on the groom – what he does now will be so important for their photos. A groom's reaction is awesome and always varied.


Throughout the ceremony the variety of shots with all the important moment that punctuate the marriage ritual. I am not afraid to move around (as long as I am discrete) and this way I can capture each moment, but also the responses of those loved ones there to witness.


Nature, light and love – could you get a better threesome?! Bridal party and couples shots are such a joy and so often we find out that this time before the reception actually remains a highlight of the day for those involved.


Here I'm looking for the perfect balance within the scene. The couple need to be the hero (as they say), but I am also hired for my fine art approach to wedding photography, so it is essential that the balance between focus and scene is struck.


My aim is to have some fun and thus draw some real laughs and real engagement. These are the moments that define a couple.


Matt Rowe Photography

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